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Sonic Arts Network and De Montfort University invite you to the audio big top. Experience the travelling aural carnival that is SoundCircus: Your ears will bear witness to, and be amazed by, a disarmingly diverse range of experimental sound practices from across the UK and beyond…

SEE and HEAR new commissions from Kaffe Matthews and Pete Batchelor!

EXPERIENCE the untold delights of performances, installations, presentations and papers from a host of established and emerging artists!

MARVEL at the sheer quantity of work with over 60 artists presenting at the event including:

Adaadat, BEAST, Codec/X, Peter Cusack, John Levack Drever, Iris Garrelfs, Jonty Harrison, Modified Toy Orchestra, Adrian Moore, Pippa Murphy, Seed Records, Daniel Schachter, Volcano the Bear, David Zicarelli


Each year the SAN Conference showcases the best work from artists in the UK using experimental approaches to sound and technology. It also provides a platform for artists to meet, listen and respond.

SoundCircus will focus on new cultural trends and aims to highlight the broad range of approaches and thinking that surrounds the sonic arts through a variety of performances, installations and research presentations.

Friday 11 June
SoundCircus kicks off with a live spectacle featuring the talents of Leicester’s very own iconoclastic avant-post rock/jazz/folk improvisers Volcano the Bear. Circuits bend double and scream for mercy in the hands of Birmingham’s extraordinary Modified Toy Orchestra. Asbestos deliver live multi-channel noise mayhem and we present exclusive breaks, bleeps and beyond showcases from London’s Adaadat and Seed labels. The 5 piece electro-improv group *paul kick of the proceedings in style whilst Sonic Arts Network DJs and artwork from Nick Mott provide the mood for the evening.

7.00pm - Union Bar DMU (Free)

7.00 *paul
7.30 Seed Records present Ardisson
8.00 Seed Records present Doubtful Guest
8.30 Adaadat present Ommm
9.20 Asbestos
10.15 The Modified Toy Orchestra
11.20 Volcano The Bear

Saturday 12 June
If you want rigour - we’ve got it! SoundCircus continues with a hardcore day of concerts featuring multi-channel performances of the best in contemporary electroacoustics. Highlights include a long anticipated new 8-channel piece from BEAST’s founder and ringmaster Jonty Harrison; live and tape work from this year’s international guest composer, Argentina’s Daniel Schachter; a live performance from the extraordinary Quartet Electronische; a chance for genuflection with rare pre-concert talk from the founder of Cycling74 and guru of interactive music software David Zicarelli, and an exclusive Sonic Arts Network commissioned site-specific performance from the queen of British laptronica Kaffe Matthews. The pace is relentless. You love it!

If you are not a member of Sonic Arts Network you can purchase a day ticket for all SoundCircus events at the Phoenix for £8/6. For SAN members all events are free.

10.30-11.15am DMU Campus Centre Black Box

Chetan Pancholi The East Africa Gujarati Company (acousmatic)
Nigel Pease Ascendance II (computer array, percussion, flute and sax audio/visual)
Tom Williams Three Points of Dislocation (acousmatic)
LRS Improvised Performance (guitars, electric piano, effects)

11.45am-12.30pm DMU Campus Centre Black Box

Tim Howle Open Circuits (audio/visual)
Robert Dow Extended Riff (acousmatic)
Andrew Hugill Nicholas Through the Mist (acousmatic)
Peter de Moncy Conegliano Trangulation (live performance)

1-2pm Phoenix Arts Café

Quartet Electronische The sampler quartet kick off their 2004 Leicester world café tour. Pick your own exquisite audio delicacies from the menu. Service with a smile but who spat in the salad?
Being Heard A multi-speaker sound installation featuring the voices of the people of Leicester compiled by John Richards and Simon Atkinson will be running in the foyer throughout the afternoon.

2-3pm DMU Campus Centre Black Box

David Berezan Cyclo (acousmatic)
Paul Rudy Love Song (acousmatic)
IMP Improvised Performance (flute, didgeridoo, VCS3, guitars, cello, max/msp)

3.30pm Phoenix Arts - David Zicarelli Talk (Incremental, Interactive, and Incomplete)

David Zicarelli discusses a general approach for the production of sound with technology. Instead of thinking about the materials and structure of the sound he will advocate devising and constructing increasingly refined interactive machines and he will explore means to evaluate these machines in the refinement process. He will argue that an important aspect of this process involves relinquishing control of the creative process and accepting a view in which outside influences collaborate with serendipity.

4.30-5.30pm Phoenix Arts Centre

Pippa Murphy Kamala Kantha (acousmatic)
Daniel Barriero Interferências (live, max/msp, Ellen Fallowfield - cello)
Nikos Stavropoulos Atropos (5.1 surround sound)
David Shepherd Madhuvanti (electroacoustic and voice, Ella Roberts – voice)
Daniel Schachter FlaX (flute, real time processing and EA sounds. Rob Mckay - flute)

7.00-7.30pm Daniel Schachter Talk (Towards New Models for the Construction of Interactive Electroacoustic Music Discourse)

Technological advances change our view of musical listening, style and performing techniques, bringing us to new relationships between creation, interpretation and perception. This year’s international guest artist, the renowned Buenos Aires composer Daniel Schachter, will discuss this idea in relation to the mixing of acoustic instruments with technological resources. His talk will highlight the musical nature of this interactive process and suggest ways of using this within the frame of an open and easy to carry out performance structure which is friendly to musicians, clear as a musical discourse and attractive to the audience.

Daniel Schachter’s presence at SoundCircus is made possible with the support of the British Academy.

7.45-9.05pm Concert Phoenix Arts Centre

Diego Garro Pointes Précaires (audio/visual)
Luke Styles Room 101.1 (amplified bass)
Jonty Harrison Rock ‘n’ Roll (8-channel)
Rajmil Fischmann Targilim Belvrit Shimushit (electroacoustic and voice, Etty Ben-Zaken, voice)
Daniel Schachter Efecto Tango (acousmatic)

9.45-10.45 DMU Campus Centre Conference Space - Kaffe Matthews (Played Bare)

A specially commissioned performance from the first lady of British electronic improvisation.

SAN wish to thank the PRS Foundation for support.

Sunday 13 June
We crack the whip and you skip, but you deserve it…
No let-up here as the congregation gathers for Sunday morning worship at the church of noise. Today’s service offers up a mixed program of moving image and sound works, improvised performance, concert music and sound installation. The day will feature a new Sonic Arts Network multi-channel screen and sound commission from Pete Batchelor titled Studies on Canvas. Clear the sleep from your ears with morning coffee and cacophony in the company of the UEA live electronics gang and SoundCircus goes pink with Forgotten Fairytales, a sound and image documentation of Northamptonshire’s gay community compiled by Iain Armstrong and with illustrations by Jayne West.

10-11.30am DMU Campus Centre Café Space
UEA extravaganza … recent interactive and electroacoustic work from Norwich, including work by Shigeto Wada, Phil Archer, Stef Edwards, Adam Green, Jonathon Manton, Nick Melia, Tom Simmons & Bill Vine.

11am DMU Campus Centre Chapel

Pete Batchelor Studies on Canvas

11am DMU Campus Centre Conference Space

Iain Armstrong & Jayne West Forgotten Fairytales

1-2pm DMU Campus Centre Black Box

Simon Longo Polar Wind (laptop performance)
Rodrigo Sigal Friction of Things in Other Places (acousmatic)
Ben Thigpen Incandescence (acousmatic)
Spon-G Live Performance (max/msp, voice)
James Mooney Graffiti 2 (5.1 surround sound)

2.30-3.30pm DMU Campus Centre Black Box

Mark Pilkington Hydro (audio/visual)
Stelios Giannoulakis Rainwater (acousmatic)
Coryn Smethurst The Late Turners (audio/visual)
Rick Nance Cross Country Runner (acousmatic)
Adrian Moore Resonant Image (audio/visual)

11.30pm-5pm DMU Campus Centre Café

Iris Garrelfs Of Dual Nature (audio/visual)
Candice Jacobs Contact Experiments (sound installation)
Kirsty Stansfield Ingot (sound installation) with thanks to Vivid
Codec/X A Selection of British Sound and Video Art

11am-5pm DMU Campus Centre Listening Space

Bernard Loibner Breaking News
Panayiotis Kokoras Slida
Charlie Pulford Microscopic Stories
Jane Sherratt Snow and Pink Roses
Mark Horrocks Paternoster (last movement)
Ruth Duckworth Osmosis
Julio Escrivan Noronqui

Monday 14 June
De Montfort University, Clephan Building, Room 3.03 - The Sound-Image

A chance to discuss some of the threads exposed over the weekend with a day of papers concerned with sonic issues and the sound-image. Speakers include David Zicarelli, Daniel Schachter, Peter Cusack, Paul Rudy and John Levack Drever.

9.45 Simon Atkinson - Some Initial thoughts on the Notion of Sonic Imagery
10.15 Peter Cusack - Sonic Photography: Issues Raised by the Art of Field Recording
10.45 Gerard Mermoz - Sonic Postcards from Istanbul
11.15 Coffee
11.30 Pippa Murphy - Theatre, Sound and Sensors in Iran
12.00 Daniel Schachter - Sonoimágenes (image-sounds), an event in the path between acousmatic and video languages
12.30 Lunch
1.30 Paul Rudy - Morphological Imprints
2.30 Salomé Voegelin - Techno Pleasure
3.00 Coffee
3.15 John Levack Drever / Geraint Wiggins / Andrés Melo - Electronic Music Performance Interfaces that Learn from Their Users
3.45 Final open discussion
4.15 End




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