International off theatre symposium and festival May 23rd until June 7th  2003 - Dortmund


Excursion II

Ear popping sounds

2./3./4. June -  20:00 h

Venue and time/place of departure will be announced when the ticket is booked

An excursion into the idyll - off the highways, shopping malls and the hustle of a big city. Between sheep and poultry, combines and half-timbering there is a hallway. In the hallway there are wine and pastries standing on a table. We eat and drink. Then the lights go out. Darkness and sound. Reduced to the sense of the ear we experience familiar sounds in a strange environment, strange sounds in the dark. Sound collages and music transfer us into a sensory giddiness. When the light is switched on again, we are still caught in the world of the sounds and our imagination. Journey home.

Idea / Concept / Sounds: Frank Niehusmann

€ 12,- (transfer included) booking in advance is required (max. 20 persons per day)

Tickets are not available in the usual ticket-shops. Please phone: +49 (0) 231/55 75 21 12

Ear Popping Sounds Nr.9
Off Limits Festival, Dortmund
2. + 3. + 4. June 2003  -  20:00 h

01) Frank Niehusmann: Nachtwanderung
02) Siegfried Koepf: Bassmaschine / CD "Feedback Studio Köln CD 3", Cybele 960.303
03) Hiroki Nishino: MinimalismX
04) Frank Niehusmann: Vorfeld (aus: "Inkan")
05) Steven Naylor: Irrashaimase / CD "Presence III", PeP 005
06) Martin Fumarola: SC / CD "Presence III", PeP 005 (Kanada)
07) Paul Rudy: Degrees of Separation "Grandchild of Tree"
08) Frank Niehusmann: Brachland (aus: "Inkan")
09) Christoph Theiler: HF
10) Daniel Schachter: Lineas y Puntos de Otro Tiempo
11) Ivo Bol: Dynamo
12) Rajmil Fischman: And I think to Myself
13) Ivo Bol: Is Is Me Wonder
14) Frank Niehusmann: Stadtrand (aus: "Inkan")
15) Kristi Allik: Machine Symphony / CD "Presence III", PeP 005
16) Paul Rudy: Fantasie
17) Camille Goudeseune: Rarae Aves / CD "Presence III", PeP 005
18) Daniel Schachter: Efecto Tango
19) Hainer Wörmann: Echinacea / CD "Lower Rhine Sonata", NURNICHTNUR/Berslton 100 10 03
20) Pink Floyd: Atom heart mother / CD "Atom heart mother", EMI 724383124626
21) Pink Floyd: Welcome to the machine / LP: "Wish you were here",
EMI ELECTROLA 064-7460351E